Those willing to persevere with the exercises will find that Pilates begins to reflect in everything they do in day-to-day life. As body awareness improves we increasingly adopt correct supported body movement in our daily lives. Further helping to maintain good health an happiness.

For me this is one of the most powerful benefits of Pilates. It is not limited just to your training session but can be with you in all that you do physically and mentally. You will adapt a natural grace, which not only makes us happier but also makes us more aware of people and our surrounding environment.



The Benefits

Before beginning the exercises it is a great advantage to have an understanding of the basic yet incredibly powerful logic of Pilates.

Pilates gives us the essential knowledge about our own bodies that we each need to maintain good health and achieve ''Natural Movement'', that is the way in which our bodies our designed to move.

Through Pilates every muscle in the body can be stimulated, which is why it makes us feel great. Dormant muscles are re awakened, over dominant muscles released, weak muscles our strengthened and thus muscles, ligaments and tendons our restored to their optimum zones where they can work most effectively.

The blood supply to the body is rejuvenated as toxins our taken away in the blood stream during exertion. Natural breathing is re-learnt and the tension is released from the heart. Alignment is restored which puts less pressure on our skeletal system and on our lungs.

We forget that we need to train the mind as well as the body. The more times we concentrate the greater our sensory awareness becomes. A student of my fellow teacher felt that through Pilates she had gained better control of her emotions.

  • You are not dependant on a gym
  • Strengthens your centre / core
  • Restores Natural Posture
  • Increases suppleness and flexibility
  • Takes away tension
  • Stimulates all muscles in the body
  • Gain control - Improve co-ordination
  • Helps Concentration - Meditative
  • Clears your mind
  • Gain a consciousness of body & mind